Jul 14 - Jul 17
12 - 13
Frequently Asked Questions
  • + What is the best way to get a quote or place an order?
  • + How much does Screen Printing cost?
  • + How much does Embroidery cost?
  • + Do you have any minimums?
  • + I just ordered 50 shirts, but we sold out in large, can I order 10 more large?
  • + What is your turn around time?
  • + Do you do rush orders?
  • + We have 4 people in our band. Someone will be sending you the artwork, another will be ordering, and someone else will be calling every 5 minutes.
  • + What are your hours of operation?
  • + Where are you located?
  • + I live in Ontario. Will you ship my order?
  • + How can I pay for my order?
  • + What if I can’t pay for my order?
  • + Can we pay for our order when we receive it?
  • + Will I always get the exact number of garments I ordered?
  • + Can I print over the zippers, pockets, seams?
  • + What is Discharge Printing and when is it used?
  • + Why would I want to use Softy Inks? Is it worth the extra dollars?
  • +What is the difference between a garment that says it is jersey material and one that says it is ribbed?
  • + Do you mix custom colors?
  • + Can I get something printed really big on a shirt?